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Creating the Future Together

The Enterprise Development Group is an international consulting firm that specializes in innovation strategy and best practices, organization design, and leadership development.

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Expand the Possible

We work with the best in the world: companies that have led the way in their industries, and leaders who are committed to continuing their success. They transform their enterprises to meet profoundly changing business environments. These pioneers look to our business strategy and innovation expertise to help them:

  • Clearly see what’s ahead
  • Determine how their companies can best be positioned in that future
  • Engage everyone to bring about the desired results

Strategy & Leadership

We specialize in getting leaders “on the same page” for building their future together: understanding emerging business trends, challenges and opportunities, then developing winning strategies for succeeding in the current and future marketplace. Learn more…

Silicon Valley Inside: Doing it right. Getting there fast.

EDG has combined its learnings from Silicon Valley and from clients around the world to create a powerful and integrated innovation system called Qandu (“Can Do”). Qandu brings together future strategy with innovation best practices, training, tools, and leadership. Our 3-phase approach to implementation delivers proof points and results early on. The overall approach produces deep and lasting transformation that ensures continuous and effective innovation over the long run. Get the “Can Do” spirit!

Make it Happen. Everyday. Together.

The realities of today’s marketplace require dynamic enterprises – enterprises that nimbly respond to continuing shifts with new products and services, with new business models, with new structures and processes, and with ever greater agility. This kind of responsiveness is only possible when everyone in the enterprise is fully engaged and committed to fulfilling its greatest potential and aspirations.


EDG’s training programs are designed to give executives, managers, teams and change agents the capabilities they need to invent the future. Learn more…


Through EDG’s extensive network of startups and industry leaders you will discover, in person, the secrets of Silicon Valley’s game-changing innovation ecosystem. Learn more…


EDG offers both in-person and online innovation tools for individuals and teams to generate breakthrough solutions, harness collective intelligence, pitch to learn, and pitch for resources and funding. Learn more…


EDG provides speakers to motivate your organization and inspire news ways of thinking about the future and the innovative responses needed to thrive in it. Learn more…

Online Innovation Solutions: Releasing Group Genius

Brilliance is everywhere. EDG’s innovation practices tap and maximize collective intelligence throughout the enterprise. Where else can you find an abundance of people with relevant knowledge and experience regarding your company, customers and industry?

Our methods and tools are specifically designed to enable collaboration across boundaries. Our online platforms and apps add powerful 24/7 tools that allow everyone in the enterprise to innovate — be it for making existing processes more effective, or coming up with new technology products, such as new software systems that go hand to hand with office gadgets such as computers, monitors, printers and even photocopiers that come with best new advances in business technology. We are well aware that we are heading towards a more remote workforce and it’s essential to figure out ways to improve your productivity. It always starts from your work-space. So, instead of going back to the age-old cubicles, it’s time we upgrade our work life and be up to date with the latest tech in the market.

There are also the services and business models as the newest processes designed.

Q+ Innovation Platform


Want to get large numbers of people involved in developing great ideas and innovations? Q+ provides a simple, easy-to-use interface, so all employees and invited stakeholders can participate in innovation activities — those conducted as campaigns driven by specific strategic ambitions, and those based on individual interests and concerns.

"EDG helps you see each change as an opportunity. They help companies turn moments of transition into transformations to greatness."

— Scott Langmack, COO, Kukun; former Senior Marketing Executive for Microsoft and PepsiCola


Many of our clients are at the height of their powers. For some, sustaining their success means changing the rules so radically as to re-invent the game. For others, it’s about transforming the organization’s culture to one where every member of the team can actively respond with agility and relevant innovations to opportunities and threats in the market.


Life’s a Pitch

Create a compelling CO-STAR™ and begin realizing your dreams today

  • CO-STAR captures the innovation techniques perfected in Silicon Valley for turning your brilliant ideas into powerful value propositions.
  • CO-STAR then provides a template you can use to gather collective intelligence until your value proposition is as strong as it can be.
  • Finally, CO-STAR enables you to create a winning pitch to communicate effectively with your investors, your collaborators, and your customers.

The CO-STAR™ Value Proposition

In Silicon Valley the often-repeated refrain is “Pitch me the value proposition of your idea.” More important than the idea itself are answers to the six crucial questions that make up CO-STAR:

  • Who is the Customer?
  • What is the significant, high-impact Opportunity?
  • What is your Solution?
  • Who needs to be on the Team?
  • What is your Advantage over alternatives?
  • What Results will be achieved?

Innovators are now using CO-STAR in over 39 countries, including Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Burma, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Trinidad, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, and Zimbabwe.

Learn more about CO-STAR in our Books section or request a free template in our Tools section.

“CO-STAR is the shared language and practice used throughout all of the innovation activities at Swiss Post. Business ideas are prepared using the easily understood and concise CO-STAR template.”
— Eliane Noverraz, Strategy & Innovation Manager, PostFinance Ltd.


Creative and Innovative Inspiration

Whether via books, articles, or videos, explore our resources to help you get those creative and innovative juices flowing. From perfecting and pitching your brilliant ideas, to tools for turning chaos into strategy and strategy into action, EDG can help you push further than you have ever been before. Are you ready?


The Enterprise Development Group is a team of expert thinkers, facilitators and trainers who have been consulting since 1986 across a wide range of industries — from academia to energy, transportation to telecommunications, and manufacturing to media. Funded by these companies for a decade already, we love to always be presentable to the public, for this same reason we try to ask every member of our community to use the collection.

Leadership Team

Our Circle of Partners

We are proud of our remarkable group of partners, who allow us to deliver EDG’s powerful integrated innovation system which includes: fundamental intelligence about the future — the most important trends and forecasts; world-class innovation platforms and apps; compelling scenarios and prototypes; sustainable product innovation; impactful branding and identity; engaging innovation architecture, tools and processes; and stimulating meeting and event facilitation.

  • Ancilla Enterprise Development – Philippines
  • Cida Co. – UK
  • Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute
  • IdeaScale
  • InnoArchitects
  • InnoTools
  • Palladio
  • Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Qmarkets
  • Vibrant Enterprise
  • WeCreate
  • Zooka Creative


Expand the Possible: Signal and Response

Welcome to EDG’s Expand the Possible Blog where we post:

Signals of the Future – News and insights about emerging trends disrupting industry after industry and Responses – Examples from clients and innovation leaders around the world who are creating the next generation in their industries.

We would love to hear from you about the compelling Signals you discover, along with inspiring examples of Responses that can point the way to the future.

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EDG Switzerland is again partnering with Startfeld St. Gallen for this year’s Innovation Forum: Out of the Box – Creatin…

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