Industry after industry is being redefined in this rapidly evolving global-mobile-digital era. EDG’s training and tools are designed to give leaders, managers, teams and change agents the capabilities they need to envision and create the future in response to this dynamic environment.

Training programs can be customized for enterprises of various size and scope, from global corporations to divisions or functions in transformation (such as purchasing, finance, and human resources) to cross-functional work groups, start-up ventures and project teams. Workshops can benefit groups that cross company boundaries as well, including strategic partners, supplier alliances, industry associations, or larger-scale innovation ecosystems.

Stand-alone training programs can be bridged with implementation support to ensure new practices and tools are integrated into the ongoing work of the enterprise. The trainings can be conducted onsite or in California with our flagship Secrets of Silicon Valley Innovation Immersion program

Workshops are fast-paced, interactive and focus on real work. We present a concept, apply it, present another and apply it—continuing this pattern of instruction and application throughout the sessions. When participants complete a course, they have new sets of concepts and tools as well as fresh ideas for confronting their toughest challenges.

Innovation Strategy Blueprints

The Innovation Blueprint programs enable leaders, managers and teams to understand the disruptions and transformations impacting their industries and to create an Innovation Blueprint for moving forward. The Innovation Blueprint is a thinking and planning tool to clarify innovation strategy, the organization design needed to deliver this strategy, and the leadership, stakeholder engagement, and support required to reach this future. Participants will leave with an actual map in hand that integrates their learning from the workshop, along with a clear set of next steps for themselves and their teams.  Learn more…

Innovation Workshops

The Innovation Workshops are targeted to meet the needs of leaders and employees at every level of the enterprise – to equip them to dramatically increase business growth through innovation.

Innovation AdvantageThe Keys to Creating Compelling Customer Value Link here…
For individual contributors and managers

Leading InnovationHarnessing the Creative Genius of your People Link here…
➤ For managers from all levels of an enterprise

Executive Edge: Out-innovating the Competition Link here…
➤ For senior leaders and/or leadership teams

Inspired Teamwork: An innovative approach to boosting collaboration and creativity Link here…
➤ For intact and extended teams and/or business units

Eco-Innovation Blueprint Workshops

The Eco-Innovation Blueprint Workshops combine the key elements of the Innovation Blueprint Workshops with principles of sustainability. The Eco-Innovation Blueprint enables enterprise leaders and teams to create a roadmap for simultaneously creating financial value, social value, and environmental value.  Learn more…

“The Innovation Workshop has completely transformed the way I approach the process of generating ideas to address an issue or a market failure and the approach for developing a solution to achieve real innovation.”
— Louise Crawford, Business Change Manager

“We are extremely fortunate to have Laszlo and Herman come to London. For individuals and organisations looking to stay ahead of the game, these workshops are a must.”
— Will Hutton, Author, CEO, The Work Foundation


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