Eco-Innovation Workshops

As global challenges increase, demand is heightened for businesses to generate financial value while simultaneously creating social and ecological value.

Our point of view at EDG is one of abundance. This is a time that calls for human ingenuity and collaboration to solve the world’s most important problems—and the rewards will be great (at many levels) for companies and institutions that lead the way.

Enduring Value

William McDonough’s Approach to Innovation and Cradle-to-Cradle Design

Enduring Value is an interactive two-day workshop blending EDG’s innovation best practices with William McDonough’s concepts for transforming the way we design.  This workshop was developed in collaboration with William McDonough, Time Magazine’s “Hero of the Planet” and co-author of Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. The goal of the workshop is to enable business leaders to simultaneously create environmental, social and economic value.

Workshop topics include:

 Sustainable Enterprise—Business Case and Models

This one-day workshop addresses the most frequently asked questions about sustainable enterprise: What is it? What is the business case? Is it practical? What are the key models and concepts? What are others doing? How can I apply these concepts in my company (or team or work group)? How can I explain it to others?

The workshop presents the larger context for environmental and social sustainability and outlines key models and principles (from Cradle to Cradle Design, Natural Capitalism, Natural Step, Biomimicry and Value Creation). Participants practice with simulated case examples, hear what other organizations are doing and have time to consider ways these practices could apply in their own enterprise. Then participants will learn innovation practices and tools for generating breakthrough ideas and compelling value propositions. By the end of the session, participants will be able to articulate the business case for sustainability, will have learned practices and tools for building these tools into innovative new projects and business possibilities, and will have identified next steps for engaging others in building a sustainable future.

Sustainable Enterprise—Vision and Implementation

This one- to two-day workshop is designed for participants who have a basic understanding of sustainable business practices. It is often offered in tandem with the program above, although it easily functions as a stand-alone event.

The workshop presents models of sustainable enterprise, a framework for implementation, practical business examples, and a mapping process to help participants clarify their sustainability vision, strategy and action plan. Participants use the Enterprise Development Framework to outline a “Sustainability Blueprint” for their own enterprise. Each individual or team will leave the session with an actual map in hand that charts their sustainability vision for the future, along with key priorities and next steps for moving forward.

Consulting support is available for groups that would like further assistance with their sustainability vision, strategy and innovation. Contact us for more information.