Innovation Blueprint – Executive Briefing for CEOs, Boards and Executive Teams

EDG’s Innovation Blueprint Executive Briefing introduces a framework for engaging with the disruptive forces and opportunities emerging in your industry. The Briefing focuses on building the strategic clarity, innovation capability and leadership commitment required to succeed in the rapidly evolving mobile-global-digital era.

Briefings are usually one to two hours long, but can be customized to fit meeting schedules.

Innovation Blueprint –  Workshops for Leadership or Project Teams

EDG’s Innovation Blueprint Workshop focuses on getting participants “on the same page” for building their future together: understanding emerging business trends, key challenges and opportunities, strategies and business models for succeeding in the current and future marketplace as well as determining the organization and collaborations required. Particular attention is paid to leadership roles and engaging stakeholders in creating the desired future.

The Innovation Blueprint Workshop is designed as a working session to address the toughest challenges teams face. Each team produces a high-level strategy map that functions as a realistic guide for implementation and communication.

Innovation Support Team Orientation and Training (Innovation “Champ Camp”)

This workshop is designed for internal innovation teams and champions. Customized for each participating group according to existing levels of expertise, the workshop typically addresses roles and responsibilities of an innovation support team, the team charter, vision and strategy mapping, innovation best practices and tools, implementation guidelines, and stakeholder communication and engagement. An important goal of this program is to prepare participants to build clear innovation architectures and programs, and to build and nurture committed, capable communities of innovators.

Large Group Future Forum

The Future Forum is a one- to three-day large group innovation workshop that brings together 20 to 120 representatives from key groups to collaboratively design their future. Each session engages the broad-based collective intelligence to create a shared picture of emerging business trends and resulting challenges and opportunities—and to synthesize a shared strategy for moving successfully forward. Throughout the session, small groups are encouraged to innovate and prototype sample ideas, to create CO-STAR value propositions, to gather collective intelligence into their CO-STARS, and . This approach is specifically designed for groups seeking a high-energy, participatory approach to innovation strategy and practice, to encourage widespread commitment and to jump-start innovation initiatives.

Consulting support is available for groups launching new initiatives or strategic directions that want further assistance with business strategy, innovation best practices and tools, organization design and culture change, and innovation leadership. Use the Contact form below.