Project Highlight: BBC Crowdsourcing with Q+


Unleash the potential of your employees with powerful Web 2.0 technology

With Q+ we now have combined the power of social networking technology with our innovation discipline. This allows our clients to install a web-platform that enables everyone in the enterprise to effectively innovate – together.

Pays for Itself

A single good idea that comes from an employee campaign or a customer contest will generally return more than the investment required for implementing Q+.

Q+ Benefits

 Valuable Ideas: Aligns employees and accelerates idea generation around your organization’s business priorities (such as revenue growth, cost reduction, and operational efficiency). Q+ enables the discovery of game changing ideas as well as everyday improvements for enhancing performance.

 Unprecedented Collaboration: Offers a platform of common language, concepts, and practices on which creativity and collaboration can prosper. Sharing a common approach to innovation improves the quality of ideas, and speeds up their development and implementation.

 Employee Engagement: Enhances participants’ ability and enthusiasm for identifying, developing, and championing high impact ideas. Strengthens employee commitment and sense of belonging.

A Disciplined Approach

CO-STAR is the center piece for our innovation management system. It provides a framework for focusing attention on the key elements that make an idea a valuable proposition. All ideas with significant promise are turned into a CO-STAR value proposition to minimize risk and increase their potential for success.

Easy and Engaging

Q+ is highly flexible. It provides an intuitive and easy to use interface which is custom tailored to company branding. Single sign-on, searches, news letters, blogs, and participant point systems all contribute to an inspiring user experience.[/one_half][one_half_last]

Robust and Reliable

Q+ has the capability to collect hundreds of ideas from thousands of employees using parallel campaigns in multiple languages. We provide our software on our secure hosted servers (no installation or IT required) or inside your company’s intranet.[/one_half_last][line color=”#ccc”]

“Using EDG’s innovation tool set allowed me to harness the remarkable diversity and scale of the BBC to generate new and exciting programs.”
— Pat Younge, Chief Creative Officer of BBC

“EDG’s unique CO-STAR approach enables us to offer our clients a ready to use template for running successful innovation strategies.  It helps innovators and stakeholders collaborate on line and select the ideas with the best chance to be a big winner.” 
— Noam Danon, CEO of Qmarkets