As the world has shifted from the analog to the digital era, media has moved from a one-to-many broadcast form to a many-to-many network form. Information that used to be linear is today interactive and mobile. Content has moved from one-way narrative to participatory. Conversation is everywhere, in all forms. A wide-ranging global conversation has begun.

These developments have changed what customers expect and what they value. The way people interact with their media and information throughout the day is also impacting what they expect in many other aspects of their lives.

This short film was produced by Swiss Television (SF) based on EDG’s Typology of the Four Digital Customers. The film has been used by many companies as inspiration for developing products, services and business models to ensure they remain relevant to the much more multi-dimensional customer of the digital age.

Travel Channel: This short film offers a series of reflections from participants at a Strategic Blueprinting and Innovation Practices Session we conducted with the entire staff of this broadcaster to help them re-imagine the role of their enterprise in the digital era. The event generated unprecedented alignment among staff, enabling bold new offerings like the Travel Channel Academy to be conceived and implemented within three months. The Academy produced a first-year return of $1,000,000.

Radio 1: Andy Parfitt and his team turned around the fortunes of Radio 1 by implementing an Innovation Discipline that focused their output squarely on generating maximum customer value. Within a year of initiating this effort Radio One won the Sony Academy Award for the Radio Station of the Year.

“In the 12 months since my visit to Silicon Valley we have totally revolutionised the creative processes at Radio 1. It is clear that ideas we have generated… have been step changes in our level of creativity and innovation.”
— Andy Parfitt, Controller, BBC Radio 1


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