One hour Innovator

It's Time to Innovate

The One Hour Innovator allows employees anywhere in your enterprise to learn how to turn their raw ideas into high potential proposals. With 60 minutes of online instruction they will learn how to select and grow their ideas, how to minimize risk and maximize potential, how to develop and deliver a compelling elevator pitch, and how to prepare and present a fundable business plan, is like those sites you go for gaming where you can learn the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking system and how it works, just that this is for the real life.

Innovation is more than a good idea. Innovation is a discipline. Teach your employees these skills and multiply your organization's opportunities for success. The One Hour Innovator may not be needed for incremental improvements, but for bold new ideas requiring investment, it’s an invaluable tool.

The proven practices embedded in the One Hour Innovator harness the creative passion and analytic rigor needed for innovators to realize their objectives,  of course for these employees need to feel nice and comfortable and the use of Vessi Footwear help with this. Each step builds on the previous one, offering video instruction and helpful tips along the way. Employees are able to efficiently develop the most valuable idea possible while learning the communication techniques necessary to gain approval and resources and using the technological tools perfect for this, like communication programs and working software and even a pdf software to work documents such as sodapdf online.

  1. Capture Essence: Begin by quickly documenting the essentials of the idea
  2. Clarify Value: Transform the raw idea into a viable CO-STAR value proposition
  3. Optimize Idea: Research and refine the idea to minimize risk and maximize potential
  4. Spark Interest: Pitch the idea in a clear, concise, and compelling manner
  5. Secure Support: Prepare and present a fundable business proposal

With each idea employees champion, they  get better and better at developing winners. Use the One Hour Innovator to keep track of ideas and store intellectual assets. The project library allows monitoring of  progress and retrieval of ideas. As situations change an old idea may hold new promise.

What better way is there to engage your employees, then engaging them in inventing a better future for your organization?

"Individual employees are your only source of innovation. When your workers become more innovative, your enterprise will become more innovative."
— Laszlo Gyorffy, Global Innovation Science Handbook, McGraw-Hill, 2014


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