Online Innovation Solutions

Online Innovation Solutions: Releasing Group Genius

Brilliance is everywhere. EDG's innovation practices tap and maximize collective intelligence throughout the enterprise. Where else can you find an abundance of people with relevant knowledge and experience regarding your company, customers and industry?

Our methods and tools are specifically designed to enable collaboration across boundaries. Our online platforms and apps add powerful 24/7 tools that allow everyone in the enterprise to innovate — be it for making existing processes more effective, or coming up with new technology products, such as new software systems that go hand to hand with office gadgets such as computers, monitors, printers and even photocopiers that come with best new advances in business technology. We are well aware that we are heading towards a more remote workforce and it’s essential to figure out ways to improve your productivity. It always starts from your work-space. So, instead of going back to the age-old cubicles, it’s time we upgrade our work life and be up to date with the latest tech in the market.

There are also the services and business models as the newest processes designed.

Q+ Innovation Platform

Qplus-Main-QplusKeyboardWant to get large numbers of people involved in developing great ideas and innovations? Q+ provides a simple, easy-to-use interface, so all employees and invited stakeholders can participate in innovation activities — those conducted as campaigns driven by specific strategic ambitions, and those based on individual interests and concerns.

One Hour Innovator

The One Hour Innovator answers the question every person has after coming up with a potentially brilliant idea: "Now what?" It condenses lessons learned from 20 years of innovation experiences with companies all over the world into an easy-to-use app. The One Hour Innovator offers 60 minutes of instruction and over 100 tips to help transform your initial idea into a winning and fundable proposal. Innovation is more than a good idea. Innovation is a discipline. Teach your employees these skills and multiply your organization's opportunities for success. The One Hour Innovator may not be needed for incremental improvements, but for bold new ideas requiring investment, it’s an invaluable tool.

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