HRsRoleCover“HR’s Role in Championing Innovation”
EDG shows how pioneering HR groups can positively impact their organizations, inspiring creativity, collaboration, and the courage to compete at the highest levels in this article by Laszlo Gyorffy published in HR WEST.






“Direction and Discipline: How Leaders Tap the Creative Talent of their Enterprise”
In a recently published article in the International Journal of Innovation Science, Laszlo Gyorffy describes a number of specific leadership tasks required for building a sustainable culture of innovation.

“The Changing Audience in the Digital Era: Implications for the Contemporary Media Enterprise”
For its work with leading media enterprises EDG developed a typology of four different audience types. This article by Laszlo Gyorffyr, Lisa Friedman, and Herman Gyr covers the concept that was also used for Swiss Television’s (SF) training film.

“It’s Showtime”
Laszlo Gyorffy demonstrates the discipline that underlies innovation in the very competitive movie industry in an article published in Leadership Excellence. He goes further to show how these techniques are needed to help businesses succeed in the hyper competitive global economy.

“The Changing Patient in the Digital Era: A Typology for Guiding Innovation in Healthcare”
This article by Lisa Friedman, Ph.D., Herman Gyr, Ph.D., and Alex Gyr appeared in the International Journal for Innovation Science. It describes how EDG’s Typology of the Digital Customer has been effectively used in a healthcare environment.

“The Ladder of Sustainability”
This article by Lisa Friedman, Ph.D., describes a tool for setting sustainability strategy for an enterprise, and describes how sustainability can be integrated into business practices at different depths. It appeared in Leadership Excellence.

“Invitation to Innovate”
This is a  detailed version of the article published in COR Healthcare Market Strategist (see below) tracking the “Patient & Family Journey” innovation at Texas Health Resources (THR) that tapped employees and patients to design the future of health care. It is a THR/EDG white paper by Steve Mason, Brett Trusko and Lisa Friedman, 2005.

“Christian Hospital Medical Unit Transformation: 10th Floor Turnaround”
The EDG team, in collaboration with Christian Hospital leadership and caregivers, developed a 90-day process to improve the performance of this North St. Louis, Missouri hospital. A prototype of the approach was tested on a tenth floor medical-surgical unit. Due to its success, the EDG approach is currently being implemented across the entire hospital. The article is from the Overland-St.Ann Journal, September 2006.

“Wanna Be a Player? Get a Coach!”
This article provides an inside view of Herman Gyr’s work as an executive coach. It was published in Fast Company, October 1996.

“How a Newly Integrated Health System Collaborated to Brand Itself Based on the Patient’s Experience”
This is a case study of EDG’s work with Texas Health Resources to innovate the healthcare experience throughout the patient and family journey. It is published in COR Healthcare Market Strategist, February 2004.

“Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line”
This article provides an introduction to EDG’s “Ladder of Sustainability,” a progression of business practices for simultaneously creating environmental, social and economic value at increasingly deeper levels. It is adapted from an article by Joanna Holmes in ecoOpportunities, Spring 2003.

“Building the Law Firm as a Dynamic Enterprise: Facing the Challenge of Change”
Although many firms may not be consciously aware of it, the nature of change facing the legal profession has itself begun to change. The new opportunities this presents for a firm’s business strategy can be significant as discussed in this article by Lisa Friedman, Ph.D. and Herman Gyr, Ph.D  published in Law Governance Review, Fall 1997.

“Creating the Dynamic Enterprise: Strategic Thinking Tools for HR Practitioners” adapted from The 1998 Pfeiffer Annual: Volume 2, Consulting. Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer: 1998. This provides an overview  of what is necessary to create the dynamic enterprise, from beginning to end. HR practitioners can use this model to create “big picture” vision, blueprint critical changes and clarify what is needed to implement them.* This paper is an adaptation of the essay: Creating the Dynamic Enterprise: Strategic Tools For HR Practitioners by Lisa Friedman, Ph.D. and Herman Gyr, Ph.D. which was published in the 1998 Annual, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.

“Business Strategy Tools for OD Practitioners”
This article discusses the tasks and  tools an organization needs to become a Dynamic Enterprise. Written by Lisa Friedman, Ph.D. and Herman Gyr Ph.D. it was published in Vision/Action Journal of the Bay Area OD Network, Summer 1998.  Enable people throughout an enterprise to shape collaborative and shared strategies and deploy their best intelligence to choose the right change.